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Upstate New York continues to be a hotbed of activity for television and movie production. Now, another production has announced filming in Upstate New York in the next few months. The new show is set at Essex College in Vermont, covering their sexually active lifestyle as they deal with different struggles and hardships that college brings. The production company is looking for extras to be students, faculty, and even soccer players. If you're interested in being an extra you can fill out the application HERE. If you're a soccer player and want to get cast as an extra you can apply HERE.

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Born in Riverside, California , they were raised in Illinois before relocating to Los Angeles in their teens. After moving, Paytas became a stripper and began acting on the side, primarily as an extra. In , Paytas created blndsundoll4mj , a lifestyle-oriented YouTube vlog channel , and in , they created a companion' channel, TrishasLife , later Trisha Paytas , which featured more personal vlog videos. Following the success of several viral videos , Paytas garnered a significant following on their main channel. As of May , they have accumulated roughly 5 million subscribers and roughly 2.

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As the world's largest video hosting website [2] [3] and second most visited website both by Alexa Internet [4] and SimilarWeb [5] ranking of all websites globally , YouTube has had social impact in many fields, with some individual videos of the site having directly shaped world events. Constituting one of the world's most popular search engines , [3] YouTube enables inexpensive distribution of educational content, including course material from educational institutions and "how to" videos from individuals. Worldwide video access has spurred innovation by enabling geographically distributed individuals to build upon each other's work, to collaborate, or to crowdsource.
YouTube stardom is a new phenomenon in India. The active internet user base in India nearly trebled from million in to million in YouTube has felt the growth first-hand. According to data, in India, every month some 20, active YouTube channels upload 3. The average Indian viewer spent minutes watching 79 videos a month in