X club wrestling torrent

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X club wrestling torrent

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Seemingly hobbled by her serious back injury, Jenny is required by General Manager James Jackson to face the Marquise now! Can Jenny possibly prevail given these odds?? But Kelly is sweet and naive, and Nina is one of the most malicious wrestlers ever to step into the ring Included in this episode: High flying wrestling moves, brawling, clothesline, leg scissors, spanking, orgasms, two-on-one attacks, total domination, humiliation, stripping, bondage, sleeper holds, crotch and breast attacks, wedgies, stinkface, back attacks, rag-dolling, KOs, blood, DDT, RKO, booty busters, and much more!! Needless to say, The Marquise is fuming, not least because she wasn't even pinned but still lost her belt!
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