Women prefer oral sex to penetration

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I like a combination of the two. I get all self-conscious about the way I smell and taste down there. So I suppose I prefer penetrative sex. I like how intimate sex feels, how close we can get physically and emotionally. But now I have a boyfriend that knows what to do which involves a lot more than thrusting , so I think I prefer penetration. I just like being touched back there.

Intercourse isn't everything for most women, says study -- try 'outercourse'

How many times do women need to explain that penetration isn't everything? | Metro News

Popular vlogger Arielle Scarcella -- known for her YouTube series " Lesbians Explain ," in which a panel of lesbians take on a variety of topics from " How Two Girls Have Sex " to " Why Straight Girls Love Lesbian Porn " -- has taken on an important undertaking, with fascinating if not entirely scientific results. Her inquiry: Why do straight women prefer penetration, while lesbians overwhelmingly prefer oral sex? Scarcella did a bit of background research in the weeks before she released her new " Straight Girls Explain " video, asking of her straight-identifying female viewers and lesbian viewers whether they prefer oral sex to penetration. She found that while 55 percent of straight women preferred penetration, just 25 percent of lesbian viewers felt the same. So, for her follow up, Scarcella tried to figure out why. According to the "straight girls," there could be any number of reasons for the disparity, but most have to do with social construction. A few common themes emerged in the descriptions: many of the women who have sex with men and prefer penetration felt that oral sex requires a greater level of vulnerability, and that to receive pleasure without giving it in return is uncomfortable.

How many times do women need to explain that penetration isn’t everything before everyone gets it?

Which is a bit irritating really, because women have been saying over and over that we need more than just a poke with a penis to enjoy sex. So why is the world still not getting it? Think of porn, which will more often show bow jobs than a man going down on a woman, which shows fingering as sharp-nailed fingers sliding in and out as the woman writhes around in ecstasy, which shows women reaching orgasm within seconds of a dildo or dick entering her. None of this should be news.
Women have always had trouble getting an orgasm and even if they do it is not as frequently as men do in the bedroom while having sex. According to a report in Inverse, having orgasms depends on how a woman is getting it and how good it is so that they can have a better sex life. While there are many who prefer vaginal penetration, the others depend on the different sexual positions mentioned in different places across the Internet.