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Teeth grinding is one of the most common dental problems in children as well as adults. But when it comes to children, bruxism can be hard to identify. To prevent damage to newly formed teeth, as well as jaw alignment, many parents opt to use pacifiers to allow their children something safe to suckle on, as well as prevent the formation of other dental issues. The suckling action can help calm—or pacify—an irritated or anxious baby. Bruxism often occurs in children when when their baby teeth form, as well as when adult teeth come in.

Medical Uses of Adult Pacifiers

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Although some people do use adult pacifiers for these more negatively viewed purposes, it is unfortunate that we as a society have allowed their choices to stigmatize a medical item. This stigma has made this medical product inaccessible to a lot of people who may benefit from their use. For others, it's teasing or harassment that they may face from their family, peers, and even complete strangers. I am a young adult with an invisible disability. This gets me a lot of dirty looks for using public handicap services. People ask invasive questions about my health.

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