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After 15 years of providing the internet with endless humor and the answers to our burning questions, Yahoo Answers will shut down on May 4. Long before Reddit became the front page of the internet or Quora was the go-to answer forum, Yahoo Answers provided an entire generation with a sense of community through shared questions. Though the service experienced both good and bad times, experts say this truly marks the end of an internet era. At its core, Yahoo Answers helped people find solutions to their problems or questions, whether it was finding out how to work a lawnmower or more of the now-viral questions like "What happen when get pergenat? Alex Perkins, the co-founder of All the Stuff , described Yahoo Answers as "a sanctuary for the confused.

Yahoo Answers Adds Social Networking

Yahoo! set to launch Snapchat-like app with silent spin

Yahoo Answers, the long-standing site that was once a bustling hub for millions of queries, is getting shuttered. While the site will be officially shut down on May 4, , users will have until June 30 to request and download their data from the site. Before the days of Quora, Yahoo Answers was the go-to platform for just about any question, whether it had to do with relationships, pet care, or even a question you were struggling with on your homework. The platform's once vibrant community volunteered answers that varied in helpfulness, ranging from completely useless to near-scholarly reports. Now, the site's 15 year long reign is coming to an end. A report by The Verge pointed out a FAQ page on Yahoo's site , which states that Yahoo Answers will be transitioned to a read-only state on April 20, and will then be taken off the web altogether on May 4. If you try to visit Yahoo Answers after the closing date, you'll be redirected to the Yahoo homepage.

Yahoo! set to launch Snapchat-like app with silent spin

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