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But now is the time to learn more, stop listening to scaremongers, and start having real, honest, respectful conversations. We hope this will help. The best estimate at the moment is that around 1 per cent of the population might identify as trans, including people who identify as non-binary. That would mean about , trans and non-binary people in Britain, out of a population of over 60 million.

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Frontiers | Trans Women and Public Restrooms: The Legal Discourse and Its Violence | Sociology

Cities, violence and gender: findings and concepts of the 21st century View all 8 Articles. Safe access to public restrooms is an essential need for participation in civic life, in the workplace, in educational settings, and other public spaces. This is no different for transgender people. However, access to public restrooms according to gender identity has sparked controversy to the extent that transgender people face embarrassment and even expulsion from these spaces.

In gender-swap photo filters, some trans people see therapy

It was and Cameron Whitley was gravely ill. He was urgently in need of a kidney transplant, which should have been no problem. He was young and otherwise healthy. He had medical insurance. He even had several gallant friends willing to undergo major surgery for him.
Sex can be a scary topic no matter if you are cis or trans, but it can be especially fraught for trans people who are still on their gender journey. Some trans people might be fearful or anxious about sex and sexual intimacy and all it entails. Think about the kinds of things that you want a sexual partner to know, like what kind of language you use for your body parts, how you want them to treat you and what you want them to do to you. Derbyshire based Psychotherapist and trans man, Mr DK Green specialises in the areas of gender, sexuality and relationships. DK advises people who are dating someone trans to educate themselves about trans people and the variety of trans experiences.