Temple of elemental evil gay wedding

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We had a good-looking woman who a male character could get involved with. We also had a really horrible woman whose father would try to convince you to get married to her so he could get her out of the house. We also had some male characters for female characters. And he did the male character who was a pirate on a ship and a female character who was working at a brothel against her will. The pirate one was kind of sad, because the gay pirate had been kidnapped as a child and forced to work as a cabin boy. It had a different vibe than the lesbian relationship, but in both you had to work to get them.

Fallout and ToEE: first games with gay marriage

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bi/gay characters in The Temple of Elemental Evil

Meeting Bertram. This is according to the path through the game, however, shown in some walkthroughs here, here. The player then has the option of asking Bertram to join their party. As other walkthroughs discuss, however, there are actually two Bertrams in the game here , here, and here. One is outside pictured above , dressed in purple, and will flirt with a male party member, resulting in the game path described above.
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