Swinging pocket watches

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Max Trance. In pocket watch hypnosis, the hypnotist uses a swinging or spinning pocket watch to induce hypnosis in their subject. This is a variation on the eye fixation hypnotic induction. Or at least, focus on this pocket watch.

How to Hypnotize Someone With a Pocket Watch

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Many people have an image in their mind of hypnosis that almost always includes someone swinging a pocket watch. A few seconds later that person would fall into a trance-like state , apparently hypnotized. It looks intriguing and very mysterious. Imagine someone just swinging a watch in front you and suddenly you fall into a trance. Of course just swinging a watch and expecting someone to be hypnotized is pure fantasy — or is it? There is more to inducing hypnosis than merely looking at a swinging object for a few seconds. Although, if it were combined with verbal suggestion at the same time, then it is entirely possible to induce a state of hypnosis.

Hypnosis and the ‘Myth’ of the Swinging Watch

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