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The Standard Penetration Test SPT Test is one type of in-situ soil test and It is conducted to determine the geotechnical engineering properties of subsurface soils , especially for cohesionless soil. SPT Test is most widely used to check various parameters and properties of soil on the construction site. For any building foundation, design and construction soil testing are essential. The test is extremely useful for determining the bearing capacity, density, and angle of shearing resistance of any soil. It can be used to determine the properties of cohesive and cohesionless soil.

Standard Penetration Test (SPT)-Procedure,Precautions, Advantages

Standard Penetration Testing (SPT) |

Contents [ hide show ]. Standard Penetration Test SPT is a simple and low-cost testing procedure widely used in geotechnical investigation to determine the relative density and angle of shearing resistance of cohesionless soils and also the strength of stiff cohesive soils. For this test, a borehole has to be drilled to the desired sampling depth. The split-spoon sampler that is attached to the drill rod is placed at the testing point. A hammer of The number of the required blows is recorded. This procedure is repeated two more times until a total penetration of 45 cm 18 inches is achieved.

Standard Penetration Testing (SPT)

Standard Penetration Test, SPT, involves driving a standard thick-walled sample tube into the ground at the bottom of a borehole by blows from a slide hammer with standard weight and falling distance. The sample tube is driven mm into the ground and then the number of blows needed for the tube to penetrate each mm 6 in up to a depth of mm 18 in is recorded. The sum of the number of blows required for the second and third 6 in.
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