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anal personality

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Definition of anal

The LGBTQ community may be disproportionately affected by anal , breast, cervical, colorectal, endometrial, lung, and prostate cancers. Now, with infections stubbornly continuing to emerge ahead of the holiday, the government has approved an expanded use of anal swab testing. Anal cirri proportionately somewhat shorter than in squamatus. Anal protuberances, containing instruments for spinning web. Anal cirri about as long as the dorsal tentacular cirri, flattened.
According to psychoanalysis , an anal personality is formed in early childhood as a result of efforts to control bowel movements. See anal stage , genital stage , and oral stage ; compare oral personality. And, especially when it comes to the middle, personality counts. The sharply tailored blazer and weighty jewelry that cling to her body hints at the dominant personality she possesses.