Short gay guys

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Written by Matthew Cohen August 10, Lifestyle. When it comes to finding fabulous fashions that fit, gay men of diminutive stature have got no reason to live. The cruel fact of the matter is that, though the population continues to get taller, I never will. The worst part of being diminutive, for me, is finding clothes that fit. I am one of the many gay men who feel obliged to dress well.

Do gay guys love short guys?

Why Is It So Hard To Find Clothing as a Short Gay Man?

It was the first of many similar experiences that would make me realise I have a shortcoming when it comes to being a prospective partner: I am not tall enough. Only, the spurt never did come. Now, all of my romantic mishaps have revolved around the fact I am short. Another had to stand, alone, at the back of a cabaret show while I elbowed my way forward just to see the stage. Another grew angry and called me a catfish when we met, suggesting that I deliberately chose photos on my profile that depicted me as taller than I was. Perhaps subconsciously I focus on elements I can control, opting for pictures where gym progress is visible or where my clothes fit well.

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Try out PMC Labs and tell us what you think. Learn More. Previous research has shown repeatedly that human stature influences mate preferences and mate choice in heterosexuals. In general, it has been shown that tall men and average height women are most preferred by the opposite sex, and that both sexes prefer to be in a relationship where the man is taller than the woman. However, little is known about such partner preferences in homosexual individuals.