Seminar on gay lesbain

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Sign In. We achieve this goal through a two-pronged approach:. First, we design specialized training and consulting efforts for internal County departments and offices housed within The County of Santa Clara. Our second approach is to provide professional development for community leaders to serve as facilitators and consultants throughout the county. As an office, we are committed to supporting your community by connecting you with resources and educational experiences that will help you meet your goals. In partnership with Kognito, a conversation simulation company, we designed an interactive learning module focused on LGBTQ inclusivity in the workplace.

Economics of LGBTQ+ Individuals Virtual Seminar Series

Introduction - The Health of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender People - NCBI Bookshelf

NCBI Bookshelf. At a time when lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender LGBT individuals are an increasingly open, acknowledged, and visible part of society, clinicians and researchers are faced with incomplete information about the health status of this community. Although a modest body of knowledge on LGBT health has been developed over the last two decades, much remains to be explored. What is currently known about LGBT health? Where do gaps in the research in this area exist?

2022 LGBT Health Workforce Conference®

We have a real challenge on our hands. As time passes and the number of people who lived through the Second World War dwindles, how do we recall the horrors that went on? How do we re-tell their stories in ways which are vivid enough to help avoid any repeat of our dark past? Remembering is not simply an act of respect towards those who suffered. Remembering is one of our greatest protections against the resurgence of violent prejudice and hate.
The one-hour seminar includes a minute presentation by the author and 25 minutes for questions and discussion. Please contact Michael Martell at mmartell bard. Please sign up to receive the link to the Zoom meeting each week.