Orgasm during hypnosis

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January 16, pm Updated February 26, pm. I was skeptical about erotic hypnosis. Not to be confused with audio porn or ASMR, it claims to put users into a trance for the purposes of sexual pleasure. I understand hypnosis and the phenomenal results it can produce, but to bring you to a sexual climax in 25 minutes without any physical stimulation? It became more erotic; the words he used were dirty, firm and authoritarian.

15 Things To Know About Hypnosis Orgasm Before Attempting

Erotic hypnosis - How to have hypnosis orgasms

When you first meet Neil, a handsome if regular-looking guy in a tight waffle shirt and a pair of jeans, you might call him nerdy if he wasn't so nondescript. Based on looks, you wouldn't think that this former IT guy makes his living giving people the most mind-bending, dick-splitting orgasms found anywhere on the planet. But, yes, this guy with a Ned Flanders statue on a bookshelf and Snoopy cartoons on the wall does just that in his Spartan apartment in New York. Neil doesn't induce these sensations with magic hands or a dick that would make Ron Jeremy jealous. In fact, he doesn't even take off his clothes at all.

How to Think Your Way to Orgasm with Erotic Hypnosis

In a fast-growing and evolving world like ours, people are always looking for innovative ways to hack every aspect of their lives including sexual pleasure. Sounds intriguing right? Erotic hypnosis is a kind of guided meditation that puts you in a relaxed trance that leads to an orgasm. Sites like Youtube are filled with audios and videos with millions of views from both licensed and self-proclaimed erotic hypnotic therapists promising users multiple hands-free orgasms in a matter of minutes. While some offers are clearly too good to be true, others actually seem plausible.
It is to derive erotic and sexual pleasure from hypnosis. If you tap your finger, your brain knows how that feels. She says:. I understand hypnosis and the results it can produce, but to bring you to a sexual climax in 25 minutes without any physical stimulation? He encouraged me to let all thoughts drift away, adding: "Nothing matters but me and you, all you have to do is obey.