Material that radiation can not penetrate

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What Materials Block Radiation?

What Materials Block Radiation? | MedPro

As we discussed in the previous segment, radioactive decay is a process in which a radioactive atom spontaneously gives off energy in the form of radio particles to reach a more stable state. Now, this process that we call radioactive decay can also be called disintegration, transition, transformation — they all essentially mean the same thing. But what's important to remember and distinguish between radioactive material that contains radioactive atoms and the radiation that it emits. There are three types of radiation given off by radioactive atoms: alpha particles, beta particles, or gamma rays. In other words, a radioactive atom may give off an alpha particle and a gamma ray, or they may give off a beta particle and a gamma ray, or just an alpha particle.

Materials Used in Radiation Shielding

Radiation shielding is imperative as radiation can be a serious concern in nuclear power facilities, industrial or medical x-ray systems, radioisotope projects, particle accelerator work, and a number of other circumstances. Containing radiation and preventing it from causing physical harm to employees or their surroundings is an important part of operating equipment that emits potentially hazardous rays. Preserving both human safety and structural material that may be compromised from radiation exposure are vital concerns, as well as shielding sensitive materials, such as electronic devices and photographic film.
Atoms are the basic building blocks of all matter, and atoms of different elements occur naturally on the earth. Atoms consist of a nucleus containing protons and neutrons surrounded by electrons in orbitals around the nucleus. The number of protons determines the element oxygen, hydrogen, etc. Some isotopes are unstable and give off energy i.