Is there any real women in ciudad del este

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But South Americans know it more as a sort of Wild West — a place where the rule of law matters little and where drugs, arms and counterfeit goods arrive by the ton. Home to about , people, it's also served as a refuge for anyone from drug traffickers to bootleggers and, as GlobalPost recently discovered , an alleged predator priest. The piracy trade's been bustling in Paraguay for decades. Last year, Paraguay was named one of 13 " notorious markets " worldwide engaged in counterfeiting and copyright piracy in a report by the Office of the United States Trade Representative, the agency that advises the president on trade policy.

Things to Do in Ciudad del Este

Things to Do in Ciudad del Este | Frommer's

I have a pretty strong fascination with Ciudad del Este. I actually live pretty close to Ciudad del Este now, and I go there regularly pandemic permitting to get supplies for my business. And of course, to buy games. I went there yesterday. It reminded me just how crazy that place is.

Paraguay city closes shop selling alleged transgender dolls

The dolls had caused a local media stir after some customers complained. They appear to be standard, old-fashioned baby dolls with a red ribbon around the head, but with male genitalia. Shop manager Esther Bazan told local reporters that the dolls came from China and said tourists from neighboring Brazil and Argentina had found them funny, but other customers were upset. Paraguay last year banned educational material about sexual diversity in schools and the education minister volunteered to help burn all books related to the subject. Ciudad del Este, on the border with Argentina and Brazil, is a haven for shoppers from all three countries.
Mayor Sandra McLeon justified Tuesday's closure by noting that the city, most widely known as a smuggling and counterfeiting haven, last year declared itself "pro-life and family. City attorney Christian Cabral said the shop also was closed for failing to pay this year's commercial tax and for selling toys when it's only authorized to sell electronic goods. The dolls had caused a local media stir after some customers complained.