Implications and multiple generations adult learning

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Adult learners can and do cross generational lines, creating particular challenges for higher education institutions serving them. Recruiters, support staff, and faculty members need to be able to communicate effectively with members of several different generations — everyone from baby boomers to Generation X to millennials, all with different needs, expectations, and motivations. Here are some tips for meeting the multigenerational needs of the adult learner population, regardless of birth year. Generations are defined by cultural, economic, and technological influences, which help shape a group of people and provide them with similar touchstones and experiences growing up. While the majority of adult learners are likely to be millennials students born between and , adult learners can come from several different generations, including baby boomers and Generation X. These students might also be in learning environments with traditional-aged students now considered Generation Z , meaning students from four different generations might be learning together.

Learning & development: Across the generations

Learning & development: Across the generations | Training Journal

For the first time in modern history, organizations have been tasked with supporting employees spanning 4 generations. For reasons of health, economy, interest, and more, employees are delaying retirement while ever more new employees come on board — and the resulting mix is creating a new challenge for teams charged with organizational learning. Of course, while much is made of generational differences, people of every age tend to share more similarities than differences. Still, for organizational communicators, HR representatives, and Learning and Development teams, there are a few noteworthy distinctions in how the 4 generations at work in offices today learn most comfortably. Much research has been done as to how to organizations can best teach members of each generation. Most often, the resulting reports break down learning styles on a continuum from formal to informal.

Are You Ready to Support 4 Generations of Learners?

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