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What is Haitian food? Which Haitian dishes should you seek out and what sort of flavors and spices might you find when you visit the country? We went to Haiti to find out. This Haitian Food and Culinary Travel Guide shares our favorite Haitian dishes, snacks, desserts, drinks and where to find them. Before traveling to Haiti, I had little concept of Haitian food.

Haitian Food: A Culinary Travel Guide

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Haiti, a name that means "mountainous country," is derived from the language of the Taino Indians who inhabited the island before European colonization. After independence in , the name was adopted by the military generals, many of them former slaves, who expelled the French and took possession of the colony then known as Saint Domingue. In , 95 percent of the population was of African descent, and the remaining 5 percent mulatto and white. Some wealthy citizens think of themselves as French, but most residents identify themselves as Haitian and there is a strong sense of nationalism. Location and Geography.
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