I like to watch boyfriend masturbation

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So I decided to be direct. So I played a video, laid in bed, and started showing her. She laid down right next to me with her hand on my chest kissing me at times. It was amazing! I could feel her eyes looking at me, and it was a huge turn!

Ask Emily: Why Does My Partner Want to Watch Me Masturbate?

Why She Wants to Watch You Masturbate | Men's Health Magazine Australia

So when her boyfriend requested to watch, she wasn't sure whether she really wanted an audience. Either I was in a relationship and didn't really do it, or I was on my own and did it all the time. We had been seeing each other and sleeping together for a few months when he first asked me how I liked to touch myself when I was alone. It's not that I don't like self-love, but making time for that when I'm also having sex with another person is just too much for me! I was kind of hoping that would close the subject, but Jack pressed on, asking me where my favorite place to masturbate is, and even what techniques I use.

Why She Wants to Watch You Masturbate

Masturbation in couples has always been a taboo amongst society. Today, we are here to erase that taboo and finally dismantle the real benefits of it in a relationship. We are sure not many of you know this, but there is an actual way in which masturbation can help and make your sex life and relationship even better.
My boyfriend and I have a great sex life, but there is one issue that keeps popping up. I masturbate from time to time, but never in front of another person! I feel like masturbation is such a private activity and trying to do it in front of him feels awkward and forced. The last time he asked, I got angry and told him to do it himself and see how it feels, but my plan backfired because he totally loved it. Why is this such a big turn-on for him?