How to flirt with a guy on the phone

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Flirting is one of those things that seems to be second nature to some, but is an entirely foreign language to others. Try to remember that flirting is supposed to be fun. If you award it too much weight, it becomes downright scary — so relax. I know, easier said than done.

8 Dos And Don’ts Of Talking To Your Guy On The Phone

Tips on How to Flirt Over The Phone

All men not only want to get the ladies to go on a first date with them,. Now, the trick to getting any girl totally latched onto you is by getting her to listen to every word you say. And for her to want to listen to you, you have to master some simple guidelines that enable you to Flirt the Right Way on the Phone. A soothing voice can truly calm and enchant a woman. Maintain the pace and keep your voice soft and gentle at all times. As long as your voice soothes her nerves, she will never want to disconnect the line. That will just freak her out and get her thinking that you are some creep from weirdoland.

Crush Alert: 10 Ways To Flirt With A Guy On Phone!

Why is flirtatious conversation so difficult for most of us? It is because it requires us to release our inhibitions and be free. We often look at it as an audition for a relationship, and we're afraid that we will be rejected. We think that those girls who have boyfriends must be great conversationalists or they have some secret that the rest of us don't know.
February 5, 3 min read. Flirting is usually considered a trial round for dating. Couples well in a relationship also flirt occasionally.