Gonna whip sombodys ass

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Actor Dwayne Johnson, the former professional wrestler who used the geological formation as his moniker in the ring, is a big fan of the Arizona Cardinals head coach. Would've loved to have played for this man BruceArians. Arians uses both phrases in one motto: "No risk it, no biscuit," referring to his penchant for taking risks on play calls that, if successful, deliver big results. The scene in Johnson's tweet included a song titled "I'm about to whip somebody's ass" by Pastor Ray Hagins, which became the team's theme song in

kick somebody’s ass/butt

It's A Great Day ( for Me To Whoop Somebody's Ass ) Lyrics - Paul Thorn - Cowboy Lyrics

Music plays a vital role in sports. Baseball players have walkup songs. Sharpe was getting ready to visit Arians in Arizona when someone played him the aforementioned song. It immediately struck a chord.

Ray's Original Song

One day, I received this piece of audio in a MySpace message. I found it inspirational. It was, at a distance, realizing that someone was feeling something, wanting to affect them in a particular way, using media to do it, putting it online, and realizing that there was a greater impact. Wanting to give something back to Ray, I asked my audiences to remix his song. Goose's version stood out as my favorite.
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