Dibasic paint stripper

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Not counting the use of heat or lye, which are both damaging to furniture because they can lift veneer and loosen joints, methods for removing old paint and finish from furniture have gone through at least four distinct periods. Before solvents became widely available, coatings were removed by scraping, often with glass used like we use scrapers or by sanding after sandpaper became available. The first active solvent widely used for stripping was benzene. It was cheap and fairly effective and it was sometimes combined with other solvents to make commercial strippers.

ISO Certified Dibasic Ester for Paint Remover

Dibasic Esters - General Information

Effective date : Composition for removing coatings from surfaces consisting essentially of at least one dibasic ester, water, and at least one thickening agent. The composition contains sufficient water and thickening agent to allow it to wet out and adhere to vertical surfaces for a sufficiently long period to insure that the dibasic ester component will have sufficient duration of contact with the coating to allow easy removal of same. This invention relates to compositions for removing coatings from surfaces. Compositions for removing paints, varnishes, and other coatings have been available for many years. Most of these compositions fall within two general classes. The first type attacks the coating by the chemical action of the ingredients thereof, which generally comprise alkalis or acids.

Replacing methylene chloride in paint strippers

Paint stripper , or paint remover , is a chemical product designed to remove paint , finishes , and coatings while also cleaning the underlying surface. The product's material safety data sheet provides more safety information than its product labels. Paint can also be removed using mechanical methods scraping or sanding or heat hot air , radiant heat , or steam.
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