Clitoris peircing facts

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Whereas the nipple ring, despite also being a private, not-seen-by-everyone piercing, has officially gone mainstream thanks to celebrities like Kendall Jenner , Rihanna, and Bella Hadid, the clit piercing remains pretty shockingly taboo. Part of that is the stigma, of course. The World Health Organization actually classifies clitoral piercings as a type of female genital mutilation. Plus, the outdated assumption that genital piercings are synonymous with promiscuity persists.

Clit piercing healing process, pain, (sexual) benefits and everything else you need to know

Clit Piercings, What You Should Know: Orgasms, Healing & Doing It Safely

While a genital piercing may not be as common or easy as getting your ears or belly button pierced, it is a very similar process. A small hole is placed and made to insert a ring, stud, or other piece of jewelry—sometimes for aesthetic purposes, and other times for pleasure. But before deciding on a genital piercing, you should do your homework and research a bit more about what to expect, how to properly treat your genital piercing, and other important things. First, it's important to note that the term "clitoris piercing" is a bit hard to grasp and understand because clitoral glans piercings are super rare, says Angel.

Everything You Should Know Before Getting a Christina Piercing

Click here to get it. Do you know someone who raves about her clitoral piercing? Has a character on one of your favorite TV shows had this done? Or do you simply wonder why someone might?
Clit piercings, nipple piercings , vagina piercings and penis piercings may be though of as a little They can do everything from look hot to make sex more pleasurable. Here's everything you need to know about clitoris piercings, from the pain to the very well-documented pleasure. There's evidence that clit piercings don't just look pretty, but also have a direct impact on sexual pleasure. This is because of their close proximity of the highly sensitive nerve supply to this part of the genitals.