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The list highlighted Sr. Janet Rozzano, a Sister of Mercy, for publicly celebrating her lesbian identity. In an Openly essay which was based on her contribution to the anthology, Rozzano wrote:. I struggled to overcome my own fears — of disapproval, rejection, internalised homophobia — if I told others I was lesbian. In this whole process of coming to understand and accept myself as a lesbian sister, I believe I have been powerfully touched by grace.

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A controversial lesbian nun horror movie is coming - i-D

Last Updated on January 22, by Kittredge Cherry. Jeanne Cordova was a pioneering lesbian feminist activist and ex-nun who shook the world by revealing lesbian life in the convent. She died on Jan. It is also one of the best-selling lesbian books of all time.

Jeanne Cordova: Lesbian nun who “kicked the habit” to become an activist

Growing up in a rural part of northern Brazil, she says her family was deeply Catholic and made it known that attending Mass was a requirement, not an option. In fact, because of the lack of priests in the area, her father would preach regularly to their local congregation. And, boy, did Dos Passos experience Catholicism.
Catholic nun, gay and militant. Bridget Coll, Irish born but a proud Canadian, was a trailblazer. She and her partner, Chris Morrissey, made history when they challenged Canadian immigration law which had only recognised heterosexual married partners.