Best new toys 2009

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Fingerlings are a hot commodity right now, but not every toy can reach the iconic status of Barbie or Play-Doh — though a select few do get their moment to shine. Hasbro created the G. Joe action figures in to market dolls to boys, but due to a sexist company policy at the time, it was prohibited to market them as "dolls. Four figures were initially launched to represent the Army, the Navy, the Air Force, and the Marines, and within two years, the toy was bringing in more than half of the company's profits. Since then, the toy has launched movies, a cartoon series, and more.

TDmonthly's Top-10 Most-Wanted Toys: January 2009

The Most Popular Toys of the Last Decade

The hardest thing about shopping for toys might just be keeping up with the latest fads. Every year has its hottest toy that every kid wants, whether its Tamagotchis or Bratz dolls. With some help from Ebates , we put together a list of the most popular toys since Here's what the kids were after. Cabbage Patch kids were first created in , and by the early '80s, they were everywhere. October heralded the start of the "Cabbage Patch Riots.

'Dream toys' for Christmas 2009

Facebook Twitter. Prepare for battle! Things have come a long way since you spun your battling tops with string and launched them on the kitchen lino. These are motorised and remote-controlled - what more could you ask for? Some of the reviews by parents suggest it is a little complicated for its market — but what do they know - they're grown-ups.
They are selected on the basis of excellence of product design and safety, creativity and novelty, and overall presentation. Awards guidelines This year's line up of Toy of the Year TOTY winners include some breakthrough technologies that adults will appreciate as much as their kids enjoy playing with them. The Bakugan game is a lifestyle for boys aged 5 to The game revolves around the Bakugan Battle Brawlers which are not-of-this-earth magnet-loaded fighting figures that look very innocent in their non-fighting phase -- that being a ball. But when one ball hits another or a special magnetic card, the BattleBrawler is aroused from its ball-sleep and watch out; it's ready to fight!