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According to unnamed medical sources that El Pais said are familiar with Castro's case, Castro decided against undergoing an ileostomy -- in which an artificial anus is opened to the abdomen -- when he had problems with diverticulitis in July. Instead, El Pais said, he underwent a trickier operation to connect part of the colon to the rectum. The newspaper said Castro chose that option because he hoped it would put him back on his feet faster, rather than triggering a prolonged recovery during which he would have to wear a surgical bag. According to El Pais, complications developed, including the fact that the wound did not heal properly.

Spanish report says Castro in grave state after failed surgery

Castro seriously ill after operations

Castro in December and told reporters afterward that the leader did not suffer from cancer, as American officials had speculated. The Spanish newspaper said in a report posted on its Web site on Monday that Mr. Castro, who has not been seen in public since July 26, had suffered from diverticulitis, a serious ailment caused when the bulges that sometimes form in the colon of older people become infected. In Mr.

Castro surgery seems to have been botched: experts

Fidel Castro may not recover from complications after three failed operations to treat an intestinal infection, a Spanish newspaper reported yesterday. The doctor did not respond to yesterday's report but his secretary told Reuters that he stood by his statement. A Cuban diplomat in Madrid called the report a lie. The island's authorities have treated their leader's condition as a state secret but insisted he will return to power. Mr Castro's intestine bled copiously last summer, it said, prompting the removal of part of his large intestine.
This copy is for your personal non-commercial use only. MADRID — Ailing Cuban leader Fidel Castro has had at least three failed operations and complications from an intestinal infection and faces "a very grave prognosis," a Spanish newspaper reported Tuesday. A Cuban diplomat in Madrid said the reports were lies and declined to comment. If anyone has to talk about Castro's illness, it's Havana," the diplomat said, speaking on condition of anonymity because of official policy.