Amateur wedding cake makers

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But they were mostly just so excited knowing that there would be cake that they let me have at it. Fondant, aka that plasticky, tasteless shell on most wedding cakes, goes against everything I believe in. Plus, it screams Classic buttercream is a great option, especially for that homey, messy vibe that I happen to love.

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It's easy to go DIY-crazy when it comes to your wedding day. From crafting your sweetheart table garland to making your favors, there are tons of easy and fun ways to personalize your celebration. But there is one aspect that's better left to the pros: your wedding cake. And she would know. She made three different cakes for her own wedding. I wish I wouldn't have though, it was so stressful," Thorleifson says. Instead I was stuck at the bakery working at that time I didn't have any staff and worked alone.

The One Part of Your Wedding You Should Never DIY

But for those who get married in, or near, their hometown, who have done all the planning and prepping already and are left with little to do in the last day or two, baking a cake provided you enjoy baking of course! Can you bake? Do you like baking?
If you're thinking about making your own DIY wedding cake - or perhaps one for a friend - it's always great to find some inspiration. Yet when you search the internet, most cakes you'll see are made by professionals in a bakery. Of course those are beautiful - their makers have tons of experience and time to focus.