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Download PDF Surveying the educated woman: posture photos, beauty queens, dormitory rules and achievement motivation. It certainly would be healthy to take the American College Woman off the point of a pin and out from under the microscope, where she has been now for years on end. I was looking at myself through the lens of history. In the s and early s women were frequently the object of the professional, the disciplinary and the prurient gaze.

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The US photographer Susan Meiselas first began shooting women who took their clothes off for a living in , when she was in her mids. Meiselas was fascinated. Over the course of three summers, she haunted the fairgrounds, befriending dancers and sneaking backstage to capture what their lives were really like. She also recorded hundreds of hours of interviews. In order to blend into the crowd and get the shots she needed, she sometimes dressed like a man. The book Meiselas eventually produced, Carnival Strippers , has become a classic. Unsparing but sympathetic, both humane and abjectly sad, it showed a world many at the time preferred to ignore: one in which women danced nude for handfuls of dollars, in tawdry, spit-and-sawdust tents erected in one-horse towns.

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Who are these women? Why are they in these pictures? What are their lives about? How do they feel about themselves? These are some of the questions I wanted to raise through the images in this collection.
Technological advances have revolutionised dating experiences and sex lives too: apps, sexting , sex over FaceTime, and, of course, the big one. High-spec cameras, filtering and high-speed internet connections mean you can have the idea, whip it or them out, take the snap and send with barely a moment's thought. But why the change?