A naked man being a woman nyc 1968

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Photographing movie theaters and audiences kicked-off Arbus's initial fascination with photography. In this early photo, Arbus captures a number of hunched-over bodies siting underneath a flared projector light. This photograph reveals the complicated social process of taking pictures and Arbus's humble beginnings as a timorous photographer. The grainy film constructs a dreamlike image of minute dots accentuating the dusty light. Arbus admired the textured look, "I'd be fascinated by what the grain did because it would make a kind of tapestry of all these little dots and everything would be translated into this medium of dots The photo flips the script, capturing the gaze of the audience lost in a collective stare towards the movie screen.

Diane Arbus

‘Naked man being a woman, N.Y.C. ’, Diane Arbus, , printed after | Tate

Many thankx to the Metropolitan Museum of Art for allowing me to publish the photographs in the posting. Please click on the photographs for a larger version of the image. Purchase, The Horace W. Henry R. Durieu was a lawyer and early advocate and practitioner of photography in France who, in , made a series of photographic studies of nude and costumed figures as models for artists.

Diane Arbus

To maintain physical distancing within the galleries, entry to Alice Neel: People Come First may require waiting in line and the exhibition may be closed to visitors arriving toward the end of the day. Diane Arbus American. Not on view.
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