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Facing Abuse in Community Environments FACE was formed in to create a framework by which to address the leadership accountability gap within the U. Members of the Muslim community are collectively coming to terms with the fact that among the people who are serving as leaders, including clergy, teachers and religious scholars, are those that abuse their positions of power and violate their ethical responsibilities. Despite the commandments within Islamic teachings that prohibit the transgressing of boundaries or acting abusively towards others, especially the added responsibilities placed on leaders, there are people in positions of power who readily transgress to the point of becoming abusive. It is our responsibility as a community to address this accountability gap. With the exception of whatever inconsistent regional capacity lies within a singular local community, there is simply no effective and standardized means by which to collectively hold these abusive leaders accountable and prevent them from going from community to community to gain access to vulnerable populations, until now. On our website you will find the tools and resources to better understand the problem of abusive leaders but also to report them and help protect the community from their continued abuse.

Young women are being recruited in droves to be part of a degrading sex act.

Young porn stars routinely do this. But is it porn or rape?

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Sexual violence against children

Every year, millions of girls and boys around the world face sexual abuse and exploitation. Sexual violence occurs everywhere — in every country and across all segments of society. A child may be subjected to sexual abuse or exploitation at home, at school or in their community. The widespread use of digital technologies can also put children at risk.
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