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Jump to navigation Skip to content. I'm a poet in Atlanta. I enjoy form and structure in poetry, but I also enjoy taking that knowledge to new heights and playing with the possibilities that poetry can offer. I am looking for a group to help me stay motivated, accountable, and provide valuable feedback in my poems. Tilted House Review is a biannual arts and literary journal made by hand in small batches in the small city of New Orleans.


Calaméo - Asmsg Romance Erotica Ezine Oct

This blog contains adult material. If you are under 19 years of age, please go. If you are over 19, read on; but be warned; this blog contains erotic poetry, fiction, and links to sites that are even MORE adult in their content and containing adult images as well. Pornographic stories may or may not have a plotline, and tend to ONLY focus on the highly physically descriptive carnal rump in the sack. There are no emotions exhibited other than lust, and filled with what reads like stage directions i. She sucked his cock till he came or She licked her pussy over and over till she came.

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Sign in. Among the very first written documents, inscribed on papyrus in ancient Egypt some 6, years ago, is a collection of short stories commissioned by the pharaoh Khufu. These short stories — magical tale s of wizardry and wonder — pre-date the first Western poets such as Homer and Ovid by millennia. They were almost certainly drawn from earlier oral traditions.
Links Menu. Submissions invited. This eclectic literary e-zine offers a hearty mix of prose, poetry, art and photography: accessible, obscure, soothing, disturbing. Wrap your mind around a good read. Quality contemporary short stories, poetry, essays, graphics, photography, flash fiction and book reviews.