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Karlovy Vary is one town that no visitor to the Czech Republic should miss. Karlovy Vary is a relatively small town, with a population of around 50,—just the right size to take in, stress-free, in a single day. Karlovy Vary is a flagship in terms of hot springs , one of the most famous spa towns in Europe so, ideally, you would spend a night here in order to enjoy the excellent spas. Karlovy Vary boasts 13 thermal springs, as well as other minor springs. Charles IV discovered the curative powers of these waters when he found that they had cured a pain in his knee.

10 Top-Rated Spas in Karlovy Vary

10 Top-Rated Spas in Karlovy Vary | PlanetWare

We may earn a commission from affiliate links. Located about kilometers away from Prague, the spa town of Karlovy Vary is a popular destination for people looking into curative spa treatments. Spas have long been a medical tradition in the Czech Republic, with doctors often recommending everything from mineral and hot spring baths to oxygen inhalation to massages as complementary health treatments. Karlovy Vary has an impressive number of spas offering all-inclusive packages that usually include room, meals, and a range of treatment offerings. Some of these packages are a week long. During the off-season November to February , you can find weekend packages at great prices, and still have enough time left to visit other Karlovy Vary attractions , such as exploring the beautiful hot springs, historical churches, and grand architecture. The town is often used as film locations for major movies, including Casino Royale and Shanghai Knights.

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In the western historical region of Bohemia in Czechia, lies a small spa town called Karlovy Vary. Also known as Karlsbad , the population of this prominent resort is around Karlovy Vary has the typical European influenced climate with warm and dry summers and cold winters. The warmest months are July and August, while January is the coldest with the possibility of snow.
Karlovy Vary is the pearl of the West Bohemia. Unique architecture, beautiful spa buildings, pleasant walks along the colonnade and exclusive spa treatments. This is Karlovy Vary, or Carlsbad. The exact date of establishment of the city is unknown.