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For the past four years I have been researching the histories and the applications of the Lebanese legal system. An understanding of this legal system, which is the architecture of the Lebanese state, has been vital to my dissertation. I have spent thousands of hours poring over legal texts and legal histories, putting together the puzzle of how, when, and why laws are promulgated, amended, and put into practice in Lebanon. I have met with countless lawyers, judges, plaintiffs, clerks, and defendants and have spent days on end in courtrooms, judges' chambers, law offices, and in the living rooms of ordinary citizens in order to better understand how the legal system actually functions. This time has been spent in different branches of the legal system such as religious personal status courts and institutions, civil personal status courts, civil courts of cassation, and criminal courts. I am often shocked by how much I have learned over these past four years.

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How one-child families are transforming India - Hindustan Times

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Ensure Family Census Participation During the Pandemic | First Steps

Research Use: Household registration is an excellent source of vital information and family relationships for all social classes, including commoners and slaves. These records are particularly valuable because they include female names. Record Type: Registration of the population by household, similar to a census, maintained by the civil government for taxation purposes.
It used to be a criticism. There was a stereotype for kids without siblings: self-absorbed brats, spoiled from never having to share their toys. But in a country where lifestyles are being transformed by capitalism and aspiration, change is brewing.