South park kick a redhead day

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The controversial cartoon show has been blamed for a day of attacks on ginger-haired children at a school in Rotherham. Terrified schoolchildren were left battered and bruised after being attacked by classmates — because of the colour of their hair. Police are investigating the assaults, which took place on the unofficial Kick a Ginger Kid Day, launched by students. One mum, who asked not to be named, said she had taken her year-old son out of school until she is given assurances there will be no further incidents. He was scared.

Red-headed school kids targeted on South Park inspired 'Kick a Ginger Day'

'Kick a Ginger' day scares redheads | CTV News

A nationwide event that encourages students to harass kids based on the colour of their hair is garnering serious attention from anti-bullying groups and parents. The Facebook event "National Kick a Ginger" day has almost 4, members across Canada and has sparked a rash of opinions in support and against on the social networking site. The movement was started after an episode of the controversial animated show South Park advocated "Kick a Ginger" day Nov. The episode refers to red-headed people as "nasty" and "born with a disease. Ottawa mother Juanita McNairn said she let her year-old son stay home Thursday because he was so afraid. McNairn said the students in her son's class told him all week they were planning to kick him when he arrived at school. Frenette said attacking someone based on their physical appearance could be considered a hate crime.

Ginger Kids

By Hannah Parry For Dailymail. Red-haired children have been left beaten and bleeding after they were targeted by fellow middle school pupils as part of 'Kick a Ginger Kid Day' - inspired by the cartoon South Park. Parents were furious to learn that youngsters with ginger hair had been attacked on their way to classes at the Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School in Massachusetts. The school was only alerted to the bullying after one of the injured children went to see the nurse. Principal Brent Conway said he was 'outraged' and disappointed' by the incident and pledged to take action against the attackers.
A group of students at Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School decided to act out the now year-old South Park episode, in which kids with red hair were bullied. They attacked the red-headed students, leaving many of them with bumps and bruises. In the South Park episode, Cartman delivers a hate speech against people suffering what he called "Gingervitis," which is red hair, freckles, and pale skin. His speech inspires other kids in the school to join in the persecution of "Ginger Kids.