Mature black skirt

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The black skirt tetra lives in fresh water and belongs to the Characin group Characidae. It reaches a total length of 6 cm 2. It is somewhat gray in color; the color fades from nearly black from the tail to paler near the nose. In the immediate posterior region of its gills there is a pair of vertical outstanding stripes. The black skirt tetra prefers to school, and therefore needs a minimum of six in a set.

Black Skirt Tetra

Black Skirt Tetra Special Care Guide: Tank Mates, Tank Setup and Feeding

This fish is recognized quite easily by two vertical black stripes on the front half of the body and black dorsal and anal fins the latter can be quite long in some varieties. Once they reach their maturity at approximately one year, their dark coloration slowly begins to fade, leading to very pale colors by the age of 5. To keep a small school of Black Skirt Tetras, you will need at least a gallon tank no less than 20 inches long due to the fact that they are very active swimmers. For the best simulation of its natural habitat, use darker river gravel as substrate with some dried leaves on top of it to accomplish the natural brown color reflection in the water, though leaves should be replaced every few weeks.

Black Skirt Tetra Care, Information, & Pictures

Hardy and easy to care for, the black widow tetra or black skirt tetra is a schooling fish that, contrary to its name, comes in several colors. While the wild black widow tetra is dark in color, consider the many-colored varieties that have been captive-bred. At least six or seven specimens create a healthy, happy school of fish, but avoid housing them with smaller species particularly those with long, flowing fins as black widows do sometimes nip. This active, fast-moving species is a great choice for aquarium beginners. Black widow tetras originate from the small, slower tributaries and creeks of the Guapore and Paraguay Rivers in Brazil, where the forest canopy provides both shade and food.
Are you looking for a peaceful and hardy fish to add to your tank? Look no further; Black Skirt Tetra might be the precise choice for your freshwater aquarium. Their small size, gentle nature, and gray-silvery hue make them an excellent addition to your fish tank. Read along with this article to discover why these fish species are popular in the aquarium fishkeepers.