Facial hair in the 90s

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Hairstyles with a lot of volume and strong makeup. These are back for the upcoming season although this time, with some changes. Another option is to tie back the hair braiding it in the famous Boxer Braids. The flat top hairstyle was popularised by Will Smith with the sides of the head faded.

What Decade You’re Living In, According to Your Facial Hair

Pop Culture Facial Hair: The 90's — The Bearded Savant

We have scoured the decade to find all of the greatest hair dos from the 90s and have categorized them for you here. We explore the ins and outs of 90s facial hair fashions and more. Read on. Let us know what kind of hair you had in the 90s and better yet, send pics! The burning questions need answers — like, who had better hair: George Clooney or Dawson? Wait a minute let me get my People Magazine out!

Here Are the Most Popular Beard Styles Over the Past 16 Decades

Facial hair is no different. Here are 13 modern men with decade-specific facial fuzz. Where does yours belong? Before the Civil War, gents favored a clean shave.
Most actors in movies played roles with clean shaven faces, but later the goatee made a quick comeback with the ushering in of boy bands. Instead, the look was more trimmed up mustaches with some chin whiskers. That was quickly halted when the music scene turned grunge, and the new look was stubble.