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When talking about Asian art and its history, it is hard to place it in one distinct category since it has been influenced by numerous religions, cultures, and traditions from various countries across the continent. Eastern art is extremely versatile ranging from drawings and paintings on paper and silk, ink painting, and calligraphy to woodblock prints, bronze and wood sculptures, pottery and porcelain artworks, sand painting, and much more. Some of the best Asian artists are also pioneers in their respective fields, centuries ahead of their Western counterparts, especially painters from China, Japan, Korea, and India who greatly inspired many future generations of artists in both the Eastern and Western art scene. When it comes to painting, natural forms, fine brushstrokes, and rich colors are dominant in Asian art and the use of various motifs, most notably landscapes, animals, scenery, and religious figures are the most prominent among many others.

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History is not only written, but also painted. Throughout the annals of Chinese painting, numerous painting masters emerged to record history. These Chinese painters, whether professional artisans at court, scholar officials in their gardens, Daoist recluses in the mountains, or Buddhist monks in the temples, have all depicted the world in their eyes and minds. Here at China Online Museum, we have selected about Chinese painters from the 4th to the 21st century. This is not an exhaustive list. Nevertheless, we hope these masters of Chinese painting will give you a glimpse of the mountains, the rivers, the flowers, the people, and the time that elapsed.

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Asian artists are today's craze. We embark on our constant search for great contemporary art talents, so we set out to explore the wonderful continent of Asia and some of its most renowned street and urban art names. Even though they have already broken the restraints of geographical borders and became internationally famed figures that create artworks all around the world, we take a short trip to Iran, South Korea, China, Taiwan, and Japan to point out ten street and contemporary Asian artists that we think deserve your attention, if they have not gained it already. We start off the list with one of the biggest street art names from Hong Kong , a city where graffiti was almost unknown before the s. After it was kick-started by the foreigners, graffiti art got picked up by the native urban writers a few years later.
Last Supper, Zeng Fanzhi. Determined by the impact of their exhibitions, actions, works, and agency, these Asian artists have continued to shape the Asian platform of the arts and beyond. From art that spans the aesthetically interactive to the political works encompassed by the spectacle, here are our most influential artists of Zao, a Chinese-French artist, spent most of his life in France until his passing in